Adam William Thomas
Birch Way is the street from my childhood where I grew up. Many friendships and experiences from that time in my life have directly impacted the ethos of who I am. My style and design has been further cultivated through my experience as a shoe salesman, builder, painter and traveler of this incredible planet. 
I believe my personal connection with leather is rooted deep in my family's history as dirt farmers. The leather I use is hand picked and thoroughly inspected to ensure a unique quality. Picking out the leather is my favorite part of the creation process. At the leather shop I have been known to lay out a dozen different hides to find the perfect one.
The process of creating can be a spontaneous occurrence or it may be something I have to work on over many months. Every hole is hand poked with a single awl and every stitch is hand stitched, allowing me a personal connection with each piece. I pour my heart into everything I make, often times spraying a new bag with essential oils and burring sage over it. It's paramount that those who buy my products enjoy them as much as I did creating them.